Regional Committee Reference Guide




This Reference Guide is a tool to aid the local/regional weed committee coordinator in their important work. As it is meant to be customized or individualized by the coordinator, it contains many options under each heading which can be downloaded depending on the coordinator’s choice.

Contained within the Reference Guide are main sections with sub-sections leading to informative documents, useful templates and examples, or website links.

Please note that this is a living document and therefore may be augmented, updated or decreased at any time. It is a tool for the coordinators and as such, coordinators have a vested interest to keep the material current and useful.

Please submit all recommendations to the ISC office.

How to Use

This Reference Guide is set up electronically with “Live Links”, i.e., clicking on the icon or text that symbolizes the link redirects the user to another document or image.

Other directions such as (add your own lists) OR (insert your regional strategy if applicable) allow for individualization.

Some items will not have additional links and may be used more as a checklist or as options.

Documents are usually of 3 types:

a) Information – provides information about the topic
b) Example – provides example(s) of the subject or document
c) Template – provides template/guide(s) which can be individualized or used as is.

Sometimes the information document may have examples included. Please note that the templates are samples only, not compulsory.

Acronyms used in this Handbook (pdf - 100kb)












1) How to form an Invasive Plant Committee (IPC) (pdf - 40kb)
2) Type of Committee

 a. Society (can be a registered charity)

How to start a non-profit organization:

Voluntary Sector Knowledge Network (web link)


BC’s Society Website (web link)
Incorporation of a BC Society (pdf link)
Maintaining Your BC Society (pdf link)
Societies Act (web link)
Societies Regulation (web link)


Notice of Address of Society (pdf link)
List of First Directors (pdf link)
Reserving your corporate name (pdf link)
Name Approval Request (pdf link)
Annual Report (pdf link)
Copy of Resolution (pdf link)

b. Registered Charity (web link)

Requirements (web link)


Annual Return (pdf link)
Application to Register a Charity under the Income Tax Act (pdf link)

c. Regional District
d. Municipality

e. Other

3) Committee Membership (web link)

a. Authority

• Constitution
• Bylaws
• Example (pdf - 163 kb)
• Templates (Word 1 and 2)

b. Responsibilities

• Role: e.g., Stakeholder representative brings issues, questions & ideas to the committee and disseminates committee information to the Stakeholder members
• Participation: e.g., attends 10 out of 12 monthly meetings including AGM
• Liability (pdf - 360 kb)
• Sub/Ad Hoc Committee participation
• Example – Membership Agreement (pdf - 72kb)

c. Recruitment & Maintenance (web link)

• Eligibility
• Recognition (pdf - 100kb)

4) Committee Documents

a. Terms of Reference/Mission Statement/Mandate (web link)

• Purpose

- Objectives
- Goals
- Examples (pdf - 60kb, pdf - 122kb)

• How to write: Examples (pdf - 70kb, pdf - 20kb)

b. Strategic Plan

• Purpose (web link)
• Connection to Annual Work/Action Plan
• How to write: Examples (pdf - 1.3MB, pdf - 400kb, pdf - 200kb)

c. Annual Action/Work Plan

• Importance
• Connection to Strategic Plan
• Examples (pdf - 232kb, pdf - 214kb)

5) Committee Finances

a. Annual Budget (pdf - 234kb)

• Often incorporated into the Annual Action/Work Plan (see examples under the Annual Action/Work Plan section)

b. Expenses re-imbursement
• Who

- Directors
- Committee members
- Staff

• What items


• mileage (see Schedule for Expenses)
• meals (see Schedule for Expenses)
• accommodation, e.g., within BC, within Canada, within North America, International
• transportation, e.g., ferry, taxi, airplane, train, rental car
• Incidentals, e.g., phone calls, fax charges, internet charges, parking
• Templates: Schedule of Expenses (Word - 32kb), Reimbursement Form (Word - 82kb)


• supplies
• equipment
• other
• Template (Word - 58kb)

c. Annual Financial Statement 

d. Record of Revenues and Expenditures

6) Committee Board of Directors (pdf - 2.5MB)

a. Terms of Reference: Example – Terms of Office (pdf - 124kb) 

b. Composition:

• Number of government representatives

- Local/Regional
- Provincial
- Federal
- First Nations

• Number of non-governmental representatives

• Number of industry representatives

• Example – Organizational Structure (pdf - 58kb)

c. Election/Appointment of Directors

• Type of term, e.g., overlapping

• Length of term, e.g., 1, 2 or 3 years

• Example – Stakeholder Meeting to appoint Directors (pdf - 114kb)

• Example – Directors appointment form (pdf - 60kb)

7) The Role of the Board of Directors

a. Roles and Responsibilities (web link)

• Board of Directors Responsibilities Policy (Regional Committee example - pdf - 158kb)
• Communications
• Board meetings, e.g., monthly, necessity driven, quarterly
• Meetings with staff, e.g., bi-weekly, monthly, necessity driven

b. Procedures

• Robert’s Rules of Order (web link)
• Appointment of subcommittees (pdf - 46kb)

c. Committee Self-Rule and Regulation

• Constitution pertaining to Board
• Bylaws pertaining to Board

- Conflict of Interest (pdf link)
- Indemnification (web link)

• Liability (pdf link)
• Commercial general liability (pdf - 142kb)

d. Annual General Meeting (web link)

8) Election of Committee Officers

a. Procedures (pdf - 62kb)

• Nominations

- Eligibility (defined by constitution)
- Nominating Committee [doc 30]

• Voting (defined by constitution)
• Position confirmation

b. Term

• Type of term, e.g., overlapping (defined by constitution)

• Length of term, e.g., 1, 2 or 3 years (defined by constitution)

9) Committee Officers’ Responsibilities

a. Example (pdf - 36kb)

b. Chair (pdf - 74kb)

• Robert’s Rules of Order (web link)
• Annual General Meeting

c. Vice Chair (pdf - 78kb)

d. Secretary (pdf - 74kb)

• Meeting Minutes/Action Items
• Correspondence

e. Treasurer (pdf - 76kb)

• Annual Financial Report

10) Staff Liaison

a. Objectives for communication with staff (pdf - 58kb)

b. How to

• Example: e-mails to Board when necessary, monthly meetings

11) Recognition of Service

a. Certificate

• Template (Word - 354kb)

b. Honorariums

• Policy (pdf - 48kb, Excel - 55kb)
• Limit

c. Thanks at AGM

d. Luncheon

• Limit

e. Other – wording (web link)

Table of Contents

1) Legal Description (pdf - 100kb)
2) Maps

a. Management Area

• Examples

- Operating Area (pdf - 158kb)
- Satellite photo (pdf - 134kb)
- Management Units (pdf - 94kb)

b. Containment Areas (pdf - 112kb)

c. Local/Regional IPCs (pdf - 340kb)

Table of Contents

1) Recruitment

a. Competition

• Job Description

- How to write (pdf - 76kb)
- Template (Word - 75kb)

• Ad

- BC Bid (Word - 34kb)
- Example (pdf - 218kb)
- Template for Contract Coordinator Position (Word - 42kb)

• Employment Application Form (Word - 34kb)

b. Interview Process

• Format options, e.g., by panel, by one-on-one, written, oral, combinations such as written first to shortlist, then oral

• Selection Criteria & Screening Applications

- Templates (pdf - 75kb, pdf - 75kb)

• Interview Procedure and Questions

- Example (pdf - 314kb)
- Template (Word - 32kb)

• Letter of Offer

- Example (pdf - 56kb)
- Example Schedules A&B (pdf - 160kb)

• Letter to unsuccessful candidates (pdf - 26kb)

2) Employment Standards (Legal Framework)

a. Act (web link)

b. Regulation (web link )

c. Workmen’s Compensation Board (web link)

• Insurance (web link)
• Claims (web link

d. Leaves (pdf link)

3) Position Responsibilities

a. Program Coordinator

• Payroll Position

- Job Description - Example (pdf - 16kb)
- Annual Task Plan - Example (pdf - 140kb)

• Contract Position

- Workplan for Contract (Excel - 56kb)
- Consulting Services Agreement

- Service Contract - Example (pdf - 140kb)
- Template (Word - 114kb)

• Coordinator Annual Workplan – Example (pdf - 108kb)

• Communications (how & frequency) with

- Board of Directors, e.g., weekly e-mail, monthly conference call, quarterly face-to-face, on an “as needed” basis,
- Committee Members, e.g., monthly or quarterly newsletter/memo
- Stakeholder, e.g., newsletter
- Landowner, e.g., newsletter, when work will be done on or near property
- Media, e.g., monthly article or event notice, spring or summer blitz
- General Public, e.g. on an “as needed” basis

• Data Management

- Type, e.g., Invasive Alien Plant Program (IAPP) & Geographical Information System (GIS)
- Time frame, e.g., deadlines for inputting data

b. Extension/Education Coordinator

• Consulting Services Agreement (pdf - 206kb)

• Annual Work Plan

• Events

- Calendar/Log of Events
- Designing
- Rollout
- Evaluation

• Materials

- Production
- Distribution

• Contacts

- Media
- Schools
- Community Groups
- Industry
- Other stakeholders

c. Operations Coordinator/Project Manager

• Consulting Services Agreement - Example (pdf - 152kb)

• Work/Project Plan

• Work Schedule

• Data Management, e.g., IAPP & GIS 

4) Staff Training & Development

a. Training 


b. Development

• Conferences/Forums

• Workshops

• Mentors

Table of Contents

1) Office Management/Organization

a. How to organize information, e.g., table, matrix or list? (web link)

b. How to backup information on computer (web link or web link)

c. Contact Lists

About E-mail Lists (pdf - 6kb)

• Board members [add your own lists]

• Committee members [add your own lists]

• Land owners [add your own lists]

• Coordinating agencies

- Invasive Plant Council of BC (web link)

- Adjacent IPCs (add your own lists)

• Government

- Local (add your own lists)

- Provincial (pdf - 90kb)

- Federal (add your own lists)

- First Nations (add your own lists)

• Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) (add your own lists)

• Contractors (add your own lists)

d. Office Templates

• Business cards – Template (Word - 142kb)

• Fax Sheet – Template (Word - 32kb) [doc 68]

• Address labels

- Mailing (10/page) – Template (Word - 28kb)
- Labelling (30/page) – Template (Word - 30kb)

• Binders

- Cover – Template (Word - 24kb)
- 1-inch Spine – Template (Word - 24kb)
- 2-inch Spine – Template (Word - 26kb)

• Index Tabs

- 5 Tabs – Template (Word - 28kb)
- 10 Tabs – Template (Word - 30kb)

e. Matrices

• Annual To Do List – Examples (pdf - 140kb, pdf - 84kb)

• Annual Administration Commitments and associated timelines & costs

- Example (pdf - 20kb)

• Landowner contact matrix, i.e., interactions with landowners on issues

- Template (Excel 16kb)

• Events matrix

- Template (Word - 42kb)

• Other

- Calendar (2010) Template (Word - 118kb)

2) Funding

a. Types

• Grants

- Agreement

• Fee for Service

- Contracts

• Purchase Orders

- Local Government

• Letter of Agreement

• Requests for Funding

• Other

b. Sources – Example (pdf - 62kb)

• Federal Government

- Community Adjustment Fund (web link)

• Provincial Government

- Job Opportunities Program (web link)

• Utilities

• Industry

• Non-Governmental Organizations

• Other

c. Proposal Preparation

• Building a Business Case (web link)

• Writing a Funding Proposal (pdf link)

• Federal Government

- Community Adjustment Fund - Example of completed application (pdf - 490kb)

• Provincial Government

• Utilities

• Industry

• Non-Governmental Organizations

• Other

d. Other Funding Types

3) Service Contracts & Request for Proposal

a. General Service Contract

• Template (Word - 138kb)

b. Request for Proposal (RFP)

• RFP (pdf - 598kb)

• RFP Ads (pdf - 132kb, pdf - 56kb)

4) Collaborations & In-kind Contributions

Voluntary Sector Knowledge Network (web link)

a. Commodity (pdf - 50kb)

• Expertise

• Meeting space

• Equipment

• Printing

• GIS generated materials

• Conference phone line

b. In-Kind Contribution Tracking Template (Excel - 42kb)

c. Letter of Agreement

d. Acknowledgement

• Letter of Thanks (Word - 32kb)

• Certificate – Templates (Word - 690kb, Word - 354kb)

• Event – Notice Template (Word - 30kb)

5) Finances

a. Budget (pdf - 6kb)

b. Financial Outlook (Word - 40kb)

c. Payroll

• Payroll remittance form – Example (pdf - 80kb)

d. Invoices (pdf - 6kb)

• Coordinator pay worksheet (Excel - 68kb)

• Contractor Invoice without GST

- Template (Word - 44kb)

• Contractor Invoice with GST

- Example (pdf - 84kb)

- Template (Excel - 26kb)

• Contractor Timesheet (pdf - 74kb)

e. Cheques

• Signing authority

• Deposit information

f. Insurance

g. GST (pdf - 6kb)

6) Stakeholder Meeting before establishment of IPC

a. Agenda – Example (pdf - 148kb)

7) Board of Directors Meetings (pdf - 90kb)

a. Agendas

• Example Template (Word - 56kb)

• Example (pdf - 128kb)

b. Minutes/Action Items

• Example (pdf - 230kb)

• Template (Word - 26kb)

8) Committee Membership

a. Annual General Meeting (pdf - 66kb)

• Notice

- Legality, e.g., how many days required before meeting

• Wording – Template (Word - 28kb)

• Meeting Sign-in – Template (Word - 42kb)

• Agenda

- How many days in advance

- Drafting Template (Word - 38kb)

• Financial Statement

- Wording/template (Excel - 38kb)

- Example (pdf - 834kb)

• Minutes/Action Items

- Wording/template (Word - 426kb)

• Bylaw changes

- Wording

• Election of Officers

- Slate of nominees

- Procedures (See Section II.8.a)

- Confirmation

9) Plans & Reports

a. Priority Planning (pdf - 134kb)

b. Business Plan (pdf - 122kb)

c. Annual Operating Plan (pdf - 1.8MB)

d. Annual Report

• Wording/template (pdf - 738kb)

e. Reports for Funding Sources (pdf - 56kb)

• Examples (pdf - 348kb, pdf - 834kb)

f. Operational/Data Reports


• Containment areas

10) Protocols

a. Conference Calls with IPCBC

• If you call in late, just press “#” without announcing yourself, moderator will note the beep and pause where they can and catch you up

b. Meetings with IPCBC

Table of Contents

1) Extension/Education Plan or Work Plan
2) Extension Log (pdf - 48kb)

a. Database (Word - 42kb)

b. Possible Contents Information/columns

• Date

• Type (e.g., activity, media, landowner contact)

• Where

• Name of event

• Event contact

• How many attendees

• Materials distributed

• Comments

• Mileage

3) Weed Hotline & E-mails (pdf - 52kb)

a. Log/matrix of calls & e-mails

• Template (Excel - 16kb)

• Importance of data

- Supports funding proposals

- Shows what is of interest/concern

b. Identification/verification of report

• Procedures - if call comes from

- Local hotline

- 1-888-WEEDSBC

- Provincial EDRR

- Local government

- Landowner/stakeholder

- Other

• Forms

4) Production

a. Type of material, e.g., pamphlet, poster, book, handouts

b. Drafting

c. Design

d. Layout

e. Finishing

5) Publications

IPCBC Resources (web link)

a. Newsletters & E-Newsletters (pdf - 60kb)

• Drafting (Word - 168kb)

• Templates (Word - 168kb, Word - 472kb)

• Examples (pdf - 2.8MB, pdf - 244kb, pdf - 158kb)

b. Press/News Releases (pdf - 52kb)

• Drafting:

1) Media Release (web link)

2) Press Release (web link

• Template (Word - 26kb)

• Examples (pdf - 110kb, pdf - 214kb, pdf - 122kb)

c. Brochure (pdf - 68kb)

• Drafting

• Templates (Word - 364kb, Word - 118kb)

• Examples (pdf - 1.7MB, pdf - 1.5MB, pdf - 2.3MB)

d. Poster

• Drafting

• Template (Word - 4.1MB, Word - 470MB)

• Examples (pdf - 142kb, pdf - 5MB, pdf - 546kb)

e. Website (pdf - 58kb)

• Designing (web link / web link)

• Templates (web link)

• Examples

- Regional District (web link)

- Invasive Plant Committees (web link / web link)

f. Information Sheets

• Templates

• Examples (pdf - 166kb, pdf - 146kb)

6) Activities

a. Presentations (pdf - 6kb)

• How to organize and promote public events (pdf - 136kb / web link)

b. Display Booth (pdf - 6kb)

c. Workshops (pdf - 86kb)

d. Weed Tour (pdf - 98kb)

e. Photo Contest (pdf - 130kb)

f. Sign Project (pdf - 86kb)

g. Weed Pulls and/or Native Plantings (pdf - 222kb)

h. Photo documentation

7) How to

a. Communicate effectively (pdf - 246kb) to:

• IP Committee

• Board of Directors

• Funders

• Media (web link)

• School Boards

• First Nations

• Groups

- Preschoolers

- School children

- Young adults

- College/university students

- Community interests

- Landowners/stakeholders

- Experts

- General public

b. Contact Schools (pdf - 150kb)

c. Community Organizations

d. Work with the Media (web link)

e. Be a Leader (pdf - 194kb)

Table of Contents

1) Regional Strategy (insert your regional strategy if applicable)
2) Agency Coordination

a. Adjacent IPCs (insert your adjacent IPC strategy if applicable)

b. Cross-border (Word - 24kb)

c. Federal/Provincial


d. Utilities (insert your utilities strategy if applicable)

e. Invasive Plant Council of BC (pdf - 52kb) and Other IPCs

• Weed Coordinators Working Group

• Communities Pulling Together (pdf - 94kb)

f. Multi-Agency

• Inter-Ministry Invasive Species Working Group (pdf - 158kb)

• Pest Management Plan

g. Single-Agency

• Ministry of Transportation (pdf - 6kb)

3) On-the-ground Management (pdf - 48kb)

a. Pooled Resources Delivery Model (single agency) approach (pdf - 80kb)

b. New invaders approach (pdf - 18kb)

c. Containment Area/Polygon

• Ministry of Forests & Range - Article (pdf - 78kb)

• Containment Lines Establishment (pdf - 132kb)

d. Coordinated Weed Management Area (USA)
• Defined (web link)
• Example (web link)
• Manual (web link)

Table of Contents

1) Prioritization
2) Inventory Projects (pdf - 68kb)

a. Why

b. How (pdf link)


3) Data Entry & IAPP (pdf - 72kb)


4) Geographic Positioning System (GPS) (pdf - 34kb)

a. Information websites (web link / web link)

b. Spatial Referencing 101 (from Natural Resources Canada website): (web link)

• Tools and tips for GPS navigation and mapping (web link)

• How to do a GPS survey to centimeter accuracy (web link)

• How to get Mean-Sea-Level heights from GPS and a Geoid Model (web link)

5) Geographic Information System (GIS) Services (pdf - 22kb)

a. Information website (web link)

b. Toolkit (pdf - 3.3MB)

Table of Contents

1) Developing a Volunteer Program (web link)

a. Funding Sources

• Voluntary Sector Knowledge Network (web link)

b. Canada Code for Volunteers (pdf - 300kb)

c. Roles for Board of Directors (pdf - 150kb)

2) Administration

a. Standards of Practice (pdf - 338kb)

b. Information

• Volunteer Canada (web link)

• Volunteer BC (web link)

3) Recruitment (pdf - 158kb, web link)

a. Volunteer Application – Template (Word - 38kb)

4) Managing Volunteers (includes Recruitment, Selection, Orientation & Training)

Voluntary Sector Knowledge Network (web link)

a. Hands for Nature (pdf - 312kb)

b. Management Cycle (pdf - 136kb)

5) Benefits

a. Youth (pdf - 248kb)

b. Family (pdf - 190kb)

c. Adults over 50 (web link)

6) Maintaining Morale

a. Volunteer Motivation and Recognition (web link)

7) Evaluating Volunteer Program

a. Volunteer Feedback Form

• Scoring form (pdf - 126kb)

• Non-scoring form (pdf - 68kb)

b. Economic Value of Volunteer Activity (pdf - 204kb)

Table of Contents

1) Legislation

a. Local Bylaws (add local bylaws pertaining to invasive plants/noxious weeds, e.g.):

• Noxious Weeds Bylaw

• Property Maintenance Bylaw

• Unsightly Premises Bylaw

• Good Neighbour Bylaw

• Nuisance Bylaw

b. Provincial

Weed Control Act (web link)

- Regulation (web link)

Forest & Range Practices Act (web link)

- Invasive Plants Regulation (web link)

Plant Protection Act (web link)

Integrated Pest Management Act (web link)

- Regulation (web link)

Community Charter (web link)

- Environment and Wildlife Regulation (web link)

Local Government Act (web link)

Municipal Act – Now titled, Local Government Act (see above link)

Farm Practices Protection (Right to Farm) Act (web link)

Hydro and Power Authority Act (web link)

Pipeline Act (web link)

Oil & Gas Activities Act (web link)

Environmental Management Act (web link)

Transportation Act (web link)

- Ministry of Transportation legislation for area (add Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure legislation for your area)

c. Federal

Seeds Act (web link)

Species at Risk Act (web link)

Plant Protection Act (web link)

Pest Control Products Act (web link)

Canada National Parks Act (web link)

Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of international and Inter-Provincial Trade Act (web link)

Canadian Environmental Protection Act (web link)

d. First Nations

Indian Act (web link)

e. International Agreements

• Convention on Biological Diversity (web link)

• Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (web link)

• International Plant Protection Convention (web link)

• IUCN guidelines for the Prevention of Biodiversity Loss by Alien Invasive Species (pdf link)

• WTO-SPS Agreement (web link)

• Columbia Basin Rapid Response Plan (pdf link) 

2) Policies

a. Local (add your own policy/strategy documents)

b. Provincial

• Invasive Plant Strategy for British Columbia (pdf link)

c. Federal

• An Invasive Alien Species Strategy for Canada (pdf link)

• Canadian Biodiversity Strategy (web link)

d. First Nations

3) Reports

a. Government

• Provincial

- Summary Report on Invasive Plant Management in British Columbia 2004/05 and 2005/06 (MAL) (pdf link)

- Control of Invasive Plants on Crown Land in British Columbia October 2006 (Forest Practices Board) (web link)

b. Non-Governmental Organizations

• Invasive Plant Council of British Columbia

- Economic Impacts of Invasive Plants in British Columbia 2009 (pdf link)

- A Legislative Guidebook to Invasive Plant Management in British Columbia 2007 (pdf link)

- Plant Early Detection and Rapid Response in British Columbia An Initial Framework 2006 (pdf link)

- Invasive Plant Strategy for British Columbia 2004 (pdf link)

4) Biocontrol

a. Contacts

Susan Turner, Biocontrol Specialist, Ministry of Forests & Range
Phone: 250 828-4596
Mailing address: 441 Columbia St, Kamloops BC V2C 2T3

Catherine MacRae, Biocontrol Agent Supplier for Province, Ministry of Forests & Range
Phone: 250 825-1159
Mailing Address: 1907 Ridgewood Rd, Nelson BC V1L 6K1

b. Websites

• British Columbia

- Biocontrol Agents & Host Plants in BC (web link)

- Biocontrol Development Program in BC (web link)

- Integrated Vegetation Management Association (IVMA) (web link)

• Canada

- Biocontrol Network (web link)

- Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada (web link)

- Saskatchewan Agriculture (web link)

- Biological Survey of Canada (web link)

- Biocontrol Files: Canada’s Bulletin on Ecological Pest Management (web link)

- Ecological Agriculture Projects (web link)

- Canadian Weed Science Society (CWSS) (web link)

• United States

- Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystems Health (web link)

- US Department of Agriculture (web link)

- Guide to Natural Enemies in North America (Cornell University) (web link)

- National Sustainable Agriculture (web link)

- Integrated Plant Protection Center (Oregon State University) (web link)

- Integrated Pest Management Program (University of California) (web link)

- Biological Control Information Center (North Carolina State University) (web link)

• International links

- International Organization for Biological Control of Noxious Animals & Plants (IOBC) (web link)

5) Pesticides/Herbicides

a. Contacts

David Ralph, Weed Technologist, Ministry of Agriculture & Lands
Phone: 250 371-6062
Mailing address: 162 Oriole Rd, Kamloops BC V2C 4N7

XXX, Weed Technologist, Ministry of Environment
Mailing address:

b. Websites

• Ministry of Agriculture and Lands – Pesticides (web link)

• Ministry of Agriculture and Lands – Pesticide Application Equipment (web link)

• Ministry of Agriculture and Lands – Pesticide Labels (web link)

• Ministry of Environment – Integrated Pest Management (web link)

• Ministry of Environment - Application Forms (web link)

• Ministry of Environment – Pesticide Certification (web link)

• Ministry of Environment – Publications (web link)

6) Current Initiatives

a. Invasive Plant Council of BC (web link - home page)

7) Land Tenure Adjudications

a. FrontCounterBC (web link)

b. Review Referral Procedure

• Procedure to be included in Review process (pdf - 154kb)

• To view new applications (web link)

8) Invasive Plant Specialists

a. MAL (pdf - 82kb)

b. MFR (pdf - 82kb)

c. MoE (pdf - 170kb)

9) Other Invasive Plant Committees

a. British Columbia

• Boundary Weed Management Committee (BWMC) (web link)

• Cariboo Regional District (CRD) (web link)

• Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Invasive Plant Committee (CCCIPC) (web link)

• Central Kootenay Invasive Plant Committee (CKIPC) (web link)

• Coastal Invasive Plant Committee (CIPC) (web link)

• Columbia-Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) (web link)

• East Kootenay Invasive Plant Committee (EKIPC) (web link)

• Fort Nelson Invasive Plant Management Area Steering Committee (FNIPMASC)

• Fraser Valley Invasive Plant Partnership (FVIPP) (web link)

• Greater Vancouver Invasive Plant Council (GVIPC) (web link)

• Northeast Invasive Plant Committee (NEIPC)/Peace River Regional District (PPRD) (web link)

• Northwest Invasive Plant Council (NWIPC) (web link)

• Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO) (web link)

• Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) (web link)

• Sea-to-Sky Invasive Species Council (SSISC)

• Southern Interior Weed Management Committee (SIWMC) (web link)

• South Okanagan-Similkameen Invasive Plant Society (SOSIPS)/Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) (web link)

b. Canada

• Alberta (web link)

• Saskatchewan

- Saskatchewan Invasive Plants Council (web link)

- Ministry of Agriculture (web link)

• Manitoba

- Manitoba Invasive Species Council (web link)

- Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Initiatives (web link)

• Ontario

- Ontario Invasive Plant Council (web link)

- Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (web link)

• Quebec

• New Brunswick (web link)

• Nova Scotia (web link)

• Prince Edward Island

• Newfoundland & Labrador (web link)

• Yukon (web link)

• Northwest Territories (web link)

• Nunavut

• Federal Agencies

- Government of Canada (web link)

- Environment Canada (web link)

- Canadian Food Inspection Agency (web link)

• Other

- Hinterland Who’s Who (web link)

- Canadian Botanical Conservation Network (web link)

- Canadian Weed Science Society (web link)

c. United States

• Federal

- US Department of Agriculture – Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (web link)

- US Department of Agriculture – The National Invasive Species Information Center (NISIC) (web link)

- US Department of Interior – Bureau of Land Management (web link)

- US Forest Service – Invasive Species Program (web link)

- United States Environmental Protection Agency (web link)

• State

- Washington Department of Natural Resources (web link)

- Washington Department of Agriculture (web link)

- Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board (web link)

- Idaho Department of Agriculture (web link)

- Oregon Department of Agriculture (web link)

- Oregon Invasive Species Council (web link)

- California Department of Food and Agriculture (web link)

- California Invasive Plant Council (web link)

- Minnesota Department of Agriculture (web link)

• Intergovernmental

- The National Invasive Species Council (NISC) (web link)

- Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Task Force Academia (web link)

- US Geological Service – Invasive Species (web link)

- US Geological Service - Nonindigenous Aquatic Species (web link)

- Federal Interagency Committee for the Management of Noxious and Exotic weeds (FICMNEW) (web link)

• Academia

- The Center for Invasive Plant Management (web link)

- Alaska Committee for Noxious and Invasive Plants Management (CNIPM) (web link)

- University of Montana – Invaders Database System (web link)

d. International

• United Nations System-wide Earthwatch (web link)

• American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (web link)

• International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

- Species Survival Commission Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) (web link)

• The Global Invasive Species Programme (web link)

• North American Weed Management Association (NAWMA) (web link)

• Invasive Species Council of Australia (web link)

• PlantLife International (web link)

• European Network on Invasive Alien Species (NOBANIS) (web link) 

10) Journals

Invasive Plant Science and Management (web link)

Invasive Species Research Group Publications (web link)

Journal of Applied Plant Health (web link)

Journal of Applied Research on Biological Invasions in Aquatic Ecosystems (web link)

Journal of Biodiversity (web link)

Journal of Biological Control (web link)

Journal of Biological Invasions (web link)

Journal of Conservation Biogeography (web link)

Journal of New Zealand Plant Protection (web link)

Journal of Marine Biodiversity (web link)

Management of Biological Invasions Journal (web link)

USDA Agriculture Research Service (web link)

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In Your Words...

  • “Our crew has finished their work at Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site and Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. I want to thank you, on behalf of Parks Canada, for providing the crew to us. They were well-trained and got a lot of important restoration work done in our nationally-important heritage areas.”

    Brian Reader, Species at Risk Manager, Parks Canada

  • “Thank you for orchestrating access to the Hot Spots crew for GINPR.  This crew allowed us to move the restoration project on Princess Margaret ahead by months if not by years.”

    Wayne Bourque, Superintendent of Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Parks Canada

  • "We had a great hike at Kenna Cartwright Park. The kids built a snowman and we all enjoyed the views. The outreach worker showed us some plants that don't belong in the park, gave us info about them and what to do about them, and gave us all some cool gifts from the Invasive Plant Council. Thank you!"

    Susan Hammond, Kamloops Young Naturalist Club

  • “I am impressed with the coverage of the GIS mapping data now available. I will be developing an Invasive Species Management Plan for Pacific Spirit over the next several years and these maps will help as a coarse indication of current conditions, and in guiding initial inventory and monitoring efforts.”

    Markus Merkens, Pacific Spirit Park area manager, Metro Vancouver

  • “Working with the Hot Spots crew in Saanich in 2010, we practiced different methods to treat knotweed with glyphosate using the injection gun on several sites. With these skills I was able to implement Saanich's first knotweed eradication pesticide treatment program for private properties.”

    Donna Wong, Environmental Stewardship Officer, District of Saanich

  • “Parks Canada and Canadians have benefited from the partnership to have on-the-ground Hot Spots crews, and we would be happy to work with a crew in the future at one of our many national parks and national historic sites that are in need of invasive plant management.”

    Brian Reader, Species at Risk Manager, Parks Canada

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