If you see a plant that looks ‘out of place’ or a creature you don’t recognize and have concerns about, we encourage you to contact us or your Regional Committee. 

  • Call ISCBC at 1-888-933-3722 – we can link you with your Regional Committee;
  • Take a photo and email us at;
  • Report-A-Weed - The Province's Report-a-Weed-wizard takes you through 3 easy steps to report a suspected new sighting of an invasive plant species in BC.
  • Join the Spotters’ Network to learn about how to spot and report invasives; and/or
  • Enter information and provide images of invasive plants to Eflora

Invasive species tend to pop up in areas that we frequent – like dog walking trails and local parks, or along roadsides and in ditches. Basically anywhere we go – they might come too, so taking extra precautions and reporting what you see, is a great way to help – so thank you for taking that step!

WCWGTour July10Penticton004_LScott
Regional Committees identify invasive plants in Penticton. Photo: Lisa Scott

Weeds in British Columbia

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