Why should we care?

Invasive species are moving across BC and Canada at a rapid pace, and are a cost of globalization. There is also debate and research being conducted on the impacts of climate change as a factor increasing this already troubling trend. Invasive species have far-reaching impacts to the BC economy, environment, and society.

To put it in perspective, in Canada, invasive species include at least 27% of all vascular plants, 181 insects, 24 birds, 26 mammals, 2 reptiles, 4 amphibians, several fungi and molluscs, and 55 freshwater fish (Source: Environment Canada).

Visit the ‘most unwanted’ sections to learn more about the top ‘unwanted’ invasive plants and other invasive organisms impacting BC.

Churn CreekPParks_BCParks
 Orange Hawkweed infestation at Churn Creek Provincial Park. Photo: BC Parks

Weeds in British Columbia

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