Community Mapping Network Invasive Species Atlas

The CMN Invasive Species Atlas began as a web application to capture on-line local data about invasive plants in Southwestern BC. It was the brainchild of the Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS) hosted by the CMN since 2003. Building on the ideas of LEPS the CMN expanded its area of interest to the Pacific Coast and added functions for recording and displaying accurate locations of invasive animals and fish, to promote the awareness that “they are” among us.

In 2005 CMN joined forces with US and Canadian agencies and NGOs to map Spartina sp., a genus of intertidal invasive plants that threaten the productivity of the entire Pacific Flyway. To further detection of Spartina, CMN is now recording locations of “Spartina Research Drift Cards” found and reported on-line by coastal citizens.

The CMN Invasive Species Atlas plays a role of first detection and alert for subsequent agency action and a resource for NGOs to express awareness and concern and to coordinate local action. The Invasive Species Atlas is still evolving and will under go significant changes to GIS and other content in 2007.

For more information refer to the CMN Invasive Species Atlas

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