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E Flora BCThe E-Flora BC atlas pages include a section on invasive plant species in BC. In this section, information is given on whether or not a species is invasive in the province. Presently, this information is drawn directly from the BC Ministry of Forests and Range (MFR) BC Flora 2004 list of official species in the province, which includes annotations of which species are considered invasive. This list of invasive species comes directly from the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands and the "Field Guide to Noxious and Other Selected Weeds in BC". Note that the list of invasive species contained in the MFR BC Flora 2004 is not the official recognized list of invasive plants for MFR.

Additional "problem" species are recognized by other BC agencies. For example, the BC Ministry of Agriculture provides a list of plants that are considered noxious weeds, while the Canadian Wildlife Service recognizes a different set of invasive species, and so on.

E-Flora BC is working on the development of a comprehensive list of invasive and problem species in BC. As a first step towards this, E Flora has developed a list of all problem species recognized by all agencies in BC. Because it is important to separate "alien species" from "invasive species", E Flora is now working on a set of ecological criteria to help define what is actually an ecologically invasive species rather than simply an alien species.

E-Flora provides an excellent inventory of native and non-native plants, including invasives, that details occurrence as well as habitat and ecology. This site is an excellent resource for land managers interested in learning more about plant species. However, there is no capacity to track management treatments that are occurring on the ground.

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