Frequently Asked Questions (CPT)

Community WP-logoQ - How long is a weed pull event?
A - Four hours.

Q - How many people need to participate?
A - Ten is the minimum number of volunteers required.

Q - Can our community group participate in more than one weed pull event?
A - Groups may participate in as many weed pulls as they wish but will be provided an honorarium for one event per year unless authorized by the ISCBC.

Q - Who do I contact to organize a weed pull event?
A - Contact your Regional Committee or the ISCBC office.

Q - Are any invasive plants poisonous?
A - Yes, however volunteer groups will not be removing plants that cause serious injury. The regional coordinator will provide you with all of the necessary information to conduct a safe weed pull event.

Q - Where can I find more information about invasive plants?
A - There are several online sources available to you:

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