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Any volunteer group, organization, school or club who meets the criteria below can participate in a Communities Pulling Together weed pull event. Groups that complete a successful weed pull event will receive a $250 honorarium. Each participating group is limited to taking part in one weed pull event per year unless authorized by the ISCBC.

Criteria required to participate in a weed pull event:

• $2 million liability insurance;
• Support from your regional invasive plant committee;
• Minimum of ten volunteers for four hours of weed pulling;
• A first aid kit;
• One adult for every five children;
• Appropriate clothing (long pants, shirts, closed toe shoes, gloves, etc.).

Steps to Participate in a Weed Pull Event

1. Ensure that your group meets the criteria listed above.
2. Send your completed Volunteer Group Registration form to the ISCBC office.
3. Work with an ISCBC representative to coordinate Regional Committee participation.
4. Complete the weed pull event.
5. Send a completed Volunteer Group Evaluation form to the ISCBC office along with a completed invoice for $250.

Contact Information

Send all correspondence by mail, email or fax to:

Invasive Species Council of BC
#104 - 197 North 2nd Avenue, Williams Lake, BC V2G 1Z5
Phone: (250) 305-1003 • Fax: (250) 305-1004
Email: info@bcinvasives.ca

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