Key Priorities for 2020

ISCBC’s 2017-2021 Business Plan identifies two key directions that guide our work. All of our Council programs and initiatives support one or both of these key directions.

Key Direction 1: Inspire British Columbians to Take Action on Invasive Species.   

ISCBC delivers innovative education and training programs, and engages people in collaborative initiatives aimed at re-establishing healthy landscapes and communities.

Confirmed 2020 Actions

The following actions have been confirmed as 2020 priorities and actions are underway:

  1. Coordinate Invasive Species Month and continue to deliver monthly webinar series.
  2. Develop and deliver the Invasive-Wise Tourism Program.
  3. Work with community groups across BC to extend Clean Drain Dry signage and resources as well as an enhanced online and digital media campaign. 
  4. Deliver Gravel Pit invasive plant treatment, monitoring and skill development program.
  5. Increase coordination and support for invasive species programs in Indigenous communities across BC and among local governments staff and leaders.
  6. Expand, deliver and accredit a suite of online and in-person invasive species training programs to individuals and land managers across BC. 
  7. Support and develop key educational resources for youth and educators across BC.  
  8. Maintain and promote a provincial invasive species hotline, online reporting tool and website for technical and educational resources. 

Wish List 

Proposed ‘wish list’ for 2020 and beyond:

  1. Strengthen a citizen science program for invasive species to inspire citizens and increase reporting in BC. 
  2. Expand and strengthen existing Changing Behaviour programs: Don't Let it Loose, Buy Local Burn Local, Play Clean Go, Clean Drain Dry, PlantWise. 
  3. Promote behaviour change programming for hunters and recreationists with special focus on waterfowl habitat.   
  4. Deliver 2020 Jobs Creation Partnership program with local partnerships in up to 4 regions. 
  5. Coordinate development of invasive species management plans with Indigenous communities and work with communities to mentor delivery of plans.  
  6. Develop a provincially recognized accreditation program for invasive species training and identify partners for a mobile educational trailer.

Key Direction 2: Leading Through Partnerships 

ISCBC builds partnerships and cultivates strong leaders to increase collaboration, influence relevant research, and provide timely messaging to help restore BC’s landscapes and communities to a state of health and vitality.

Confirmed 2020 Actions

The following actions have been confirmed as 2020 priorities and actions are underway:

  1. Grow and support the Affiliate Network.
  2. Increase strategic relationships with government and business leaders.
  3. Promote the Invasive Species Strategy for BC and partner with government to measure progress against the Strategy.
  4. Plan and deliver the 2020 Research Forum and establish a Research Hub on current research. 
  5. Strengthen the Council's work and recognition of leaders and businesses that have adopted invasive-wise practice.
  6. Expand online resources to profile and support partners through webinars, social media, digital media.
  7. Enhance and grow tools and resources for partners such as online training, phone apps, digital information, etc.

Wish List 

Proposed ‘wish list’ for 2020 and beyond:

  1. Partner with the Canadian Council on Invasive Species on national campaigns and messaging.  
  2. Partner with PNWER and other jurisdictions on increasing awareness and actions on invasive species.
  3. Expand and grow Train the Trainer programs for delivery by partners across BC within key sectors.
  4. Undertake, in partnership, key research such as economic impacts, links to indigenous culture, links to species at risk etc.

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