Volunteer Milestones

Volunteer Milestones and Rewards

Volunteer Milestones reward and recognize our volunteers for all their hard work and dedication to this program, and their overall progress towards creating a healthy habitat for all. As volunteers reach each milestone, they receive a letter of accomplishment from the Invasive Species Council of BC as well as their reward.

The Milestones


Welcome Aboard! 10 volunteer hours - Check-in with your facilitator to learn about opportunities that you can get started on after your onboarding!
Bronze 30 volunteer hours

ISCBC Official Bronze Level Certificate

Boot brush

ID book (Field Guide)

Don't Let it Loose Decal

Don't Let it Loose Rack Card

Floating Keychain


It is recommended that after achieving a new certification level (i.e. Bronze, Silver, etc.), volunteers use their newfound skills and knowledge to complete at least 1 of the following Action Activities:

1) Adopt a local green space or outdoor area;

2) Help develop online resources that reduce the spread of invasive species such as social media content or factsheet;

3) Share your environment or invasive species story through an ISCBC blog post;

4) Turn your tech skills into service! Help arrange a webinar for your church, design invasive species posters, or produce educational videos.

5) Conduct or support an outreach or recruitment event to grow the ISCBC youth team and your network;

6) Arrange or support an online team event or Dialogue Session to share your knowledge and celebrate your successes;

7) Apply for a Rising Youth Microgrant! Design a community service project with the support of your ISCBC facilitator and apply for government funding to launch your project.

*Ask your facilitator for more information on how to get started on your Action Activity or if you have an idea for one that is not listed above*

*Make sure to always notify your facilitator before beginning your Action Activities*
Silver 60 volunteer hours

ISCBC Official Silver Level Certificate

Notebook & Pen

Custom Face Mask

Grow Me Instead Booklet

Grow Me Instead Wallet Card

Gold 90 volunteer hours

ISCBC Official Gold Level Certificate


Branded Coffee Mug

Forestry Best Management Practices

Platinum 120 volunteer hours

ISCBC Official Platinum Level Certificate

ISC Fleece Jacket or Rain Jacket (depending on stock)

ISCBC decal (membership package)

Activity Ideas!

There are so many opportunites to volunteer, each suited to your interest and community!  Here's a sample, but check out our growing list of 100 Ways To Volunteer for more.

  • Complete the Volunteer Onboarding Package
  • Watch ISCBC Webinars 
  • Attend two volunteer meetings
  • Pick up litter at a local greenspace
  • Download the Report Invasives App
  • Fill out the volunteer spotlight form
  • Write a blog post
  • Adopt a local greenspace or trail
  • Watch the Youth Summit 2020
  • Pick a country and research the invasive species found there. Write a blog post or share your findings at a volunteer meeting.
  • Take photos of invasive and/or native species, submit to your volunteer facilitator
  • Design an invasive free garden for your local area
  • Design posts for the ISCBC Volunteers Facebook page
  • Participate in a BioBlitz

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