Flowering Rush

Butomus umbellatus

Flowering rush (Butomus umbellatus) is a beautiful aquatic perennial resembling a large sedge. This delicate-almond scented plant can be found along shore lines of lakes or rivers. As an invasive species, this plant creates dense stands which can be harmful to native flora and fauna.

Within Canada, this species has been classified as one of five invasive plants that have had a major ecological impact on natural ecosystems. Although it has only been sighted in one location of BC, flowering rush has caused significant damage in the Great Lakes.

Flowering rush is typically hard to identify due to its similar appearance of several native aquatic species, it can be easier to identify once the small pink flowers of this species have bloomed. The stem can reach approximately 3 feet in height and holds an umbrella shaped array of pinkish white pedaled flowers.

Like other aquatic invasive species, the spread of flowering rush is partly due to its popularity in aquatic gardens, and has now been introduced to natural water bodies. Once established, it spreads with underground plant stems and roots, as well as animals.

Currently flowering rush is not heavily impacting BC; preventing the spread of this plant is the only way to ensure it won’t in the future. Always ‘Clean, Drain, Dry’ boats and equipment before leaving a water body, take extra caution when transferring boat or equipment from one province to another. Be ‘PlantWise’ and choose an alternative non-invasive species when planting a garden. 

Gallery: Flowering Rush

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