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ISCBC Enews Nov/Dec 2015

Hello from ISCBC!

As this year comes to a close, we wish to send a special thank you to each of our directors, alternates, staff, and many partners for your sharing your time, knowledge and efforts as we work toward shaping a healthier BC from unwanted invaders. Together in action we can make true change happen as we all become more mindful about invasive species and how our actions at home and in our communities make a big difference. That said, we are pleased to announce a new annual Together in Action Leadership Award program with nominations being received until January 15th—nominate a worthy colleague today! See details below.

We are also pleased to announce the launch of the new PlantWise website and mobile app! Explore to learn how you can 'know what you grow' and choose only non-invasive plants. 

Be sure to register soon for INVASIVES 2016 coming up in early February, and take advantage of early bird rates until January 8th. Read articles about new funding for ISCBC education, awareness and training programs, new research on warming temperatures in lakes and the spread of invasive species, DNA analysis of the ballasts of shipping vessels, making christmas gift baskets with English ivy (be careful not to spread it!) ... and much more!

Thank you for spotting and reporting invasive plants and species to Report-A-Weed, or call ISCBC toll free 1-888-933-3722. We hope you enjoy a festive holiday season, and appreciate your donations—big thank you for your support! 

We look forward to sharing more conversations, collaborations and positive actions toward invasive species in 2016. Keep in touch with us through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and our website. 

The ISCBC Team

Call for Nominations: Together in Action Leadership Award

ISCBC is proud to announce a new annual award program, designed to celebrate the work of individuals, including youth, who demonstrate leadership and innovation in invasive species prevention and management in BC. The new Together in Action Leadership Award recognizes the achievements of Executive Director, Gail Wallin, for providing provincial and national leadership in the area of invasive species. There is a financial award with the annual Leadership Award to acknowledge and support BC’s current and future leaders in the field of invasive species. The awarded funds will be used to further the winner’s work, research, volunteer efforts and/or educational pursuits in the field of invasive species. The winner will be announced at INVASIVES 2016, ISCBC’s Annual Forum and AGM, Feb. 2-3, 2016. Deadline for nominations is Friday Jan. 15, 2016Learn more and nominate a worthy colleague today!

New PlantWise website and app launched!

ISCBC is pleased to announce the launch of the provincial PlantWise program website and mobile app, available at Gardeners and landscapers planning for next year’s gardens can now use their mobile devices to find out which plants are non-invasive, and connect with retailers who are committed PlantWise Partners and promote 'invasive-free' business practices. Special thank you to our PlantWise Partners for taking the lead! 

The new PlantWise app and website allows you to easily look up your growing zone or region and see which plants are most appropriate and which non-invasive plants are the best choices, as recommended by the experts. Stewardship groups and other organizations are also encouraged to become PlantWise Ambassadors to help spread the message. Special thanks to all our regional Ambassadors for your support. Learn more about the PlantWise Program from ISCBC's website, the recent news release, and explore the new PlantWise website

INVASIVES 2016: Take Advantage of Early Bird Rates

Register for INVASIVES 2016, ISCBC's Forum & AGM Feb. 2-3, 2016, to be held at Pacific Gateway Hotel in Richmond, BC. Take advantage of early bird rates until Friday January 8th. See the online Agenda for full details on:

  • A joint strategic session on Feb. 1st between ISCBC and regional partners
  • Hosting a Table focused on key topics
  • Choose from 3 Pre-Forum Workshops on Day 1
  • Post-forum Workshop: Early Detection, Rapid Response Boot Camp  

Enjoy the opportunity to network and share with your colleagues in invasive species management both locally and abroad! Learn More about INVASIVES 2016 | Register

NEWS: Grants help continue important work

Williams Lake Tribune, Dec. 1, 2015 by Donna Barnett: The Province approves $135 million every year in community gaming grants to over 5,000 non-profit groups, and this year ISCBC received $100,000 towards its education, awareness and training programs. Read more.

NEWS: Swan Lake sanctuary taps into accolades

Saanich News, Nov. 19, 2015: Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary received a water stewardship award for work to restore the floodplain area around Swan Lake, to remove invasive species and restore native species. Read more.

Christmas gifting with English ivy

Campbell River Mirror, Nov. 13, 2015: The Invasive Species Council calls it “a serious, smothering invasive” in southwestern BC. Now you can put English ivy to good use and learn to weave it into a simple Christmas gift basket. Read more.

NEWS: Scentless chamomile major problem for Peace River farmers

CBC News, Radio West, Nov. 12, 2015: Tea drinkers often enjoy chamomile tea for its relaxing properties, but in BC's Peace Region, a noxious weed called scentless chamomile is proving anything but peaceful for farmers. Read more.

NEWS: Qualicum Beach’s voracious visitors

Parksville Qualicum Beach News, Dec. 10, 2015 by Auren Ruvinsky: Experts say the invasive American bullfrogs are taking over and they eat anything that fits in their large mouths. Read more.

Invasive Species Legislation Receives Royal Assent

Ontario Government Newsroom, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Nov. 3, 2015: Ontario is taking further action to protect communities from the significant impacts of invasive species by passing the Invasive Species Act. The Act received Royal Assent. Read more.

STUDY: Great Lakes warming more than twice as fast as oceans

MetroNews Canada, Dec. 16, 2015 (Toronto): Our rapidly warming world has another high-profile victim — lakes. An alarming new study says that freshwater lakes are warming at more than twice the pace of the oceans, putting native fish in jeopardy and increasing the risk of invasive species. Read more.

STUDY: DNA analysis of ballast water detects invasive species, Dec. 9, 2015: Upon analysing the DNA present in the ballast water of German research vessel Polarstern, a team of scientists showed the first molecular evidence of the persistence of DNA belonging to a tiny sea snail which is capable of tolerating adverse conditions. Read more.

STUDY: Research explains the worldwide variation in plant life-histories

University of Exeter, Dec. 21, 2015: The plant database called COMPADRE, that brings together demographic information about plant species, has been used to show how fast plants grow and its reproductive strategy. Until now the reason for the enormous variation in the life history of plants was poorly understood. Read more.

NEWS: Artist Creates Ink from Crushed Invasive Weeds

Nature World News, Dec. 7, 2015 by Catherine Arnold: Artist, Patterson Clark, is crushing stems, leaves and roots of a long list of the fast-growing weeds and vines and extracting inks from them. Read more.


INVASIVES 2016: ISCBC's Forum & AGM, Feb. 2-3, 2016, Pacific Gateway Hotel, Richmond, BC

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