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ISCBC Enews October 2015

Hello from ISCBC!

It's exciting times for gardeners in BC! A new mobile app and website to encourage gardeners and landscapers to 'know what you grow' and choose alternative, non-invasive plants is being launched! Learn about being 'PlantWise' and our Plantwise partners, who are taking the lead to remove invasive plants from retail shelves and promote non-invasives in our communities (see info below). 

Register for INVASIVES 2016 coming up in early February; see a great video about Clean, Drain, Dry and preventing the spread of aquatic invaders; hear about the high costs of knotweed in Britain; the use of drones in invasive species research...and much more!

Thank you for spotting and reporting invasive plants and species to Report-A-Weed, or call ISCBC toll free 1-888-933-3722. We hope you enjoy this month's enews. Keep in touch with us through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and our website.

The ISCBC Team


Register for INVASIVES 2016, ISCBC's Forum & AGM to be held Feb. 2-3, 2016 at Pacific Gateway Hotel, Richmond, BC. Enjoy early bird rates until Dec. 15th, 2015. 

Highlights on DAY 1 include choice of 3 Pre-Forum Workshops: 

  1. Local Government Session: Sharing of Solutions & Strategies for local government elected officials and staff
  2. Aboriginal Workshop: Building the Future - A look at the future and the history of Aboriginal management of invasive species in BC
  3. Planning and Prevention Workshop: Invasive Plants in BC - A look at practical approaches and new research in invasive plant management in BC

Following the 2-day forum, attend a special workshop: Early Detection, Rapid Response Boot Camp!
Find out more about BC’s plans for responding quickly and efficiently to high impact invasive species before they become established.

Call for Applications to Host a Table
ISCBC is calling for applications to host a table for the 1.5 hour, concurrent session on Day 2 of INVASIVES 2016, with tables selected based on high priority topics in the field of invasive species. To apply, please email Danielle Toperczer with the following info by Dec. 4th, 2015:

  1. Your name and Organization
  2. Topic and Title of your table
  3. Brief description of the information you will have available at your table

Learn More about INVASIVES 2016 | Register

HIGHLIGHT: ISCBC Job Creation Partnership Program (JCP)

ISCBC's Job Creation Partnership Program has four-person teams doing invasive plant management in Williams Lake, 100 Mile House and Kamloops. During July and August, teams carried out pulling, digging and bagging of 12 priority weed species on site visits to over: 50 Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) pits, 15 BC Parks, 10 community parks and 40 recreation sites and trails. Almost 800 bags of weeds were disposed of, 99 ha were manually treated and surveyed, with 1.2 ha of herbicide treatment completed in MoTI pits. Congratulations on all the hard work achieved! Late October and November will see teams moving to community and organization extension events in their regions. 

HIGHLIGHT: ISCBC Aquatics Workshop

Participants enjoyed a day of sharing at Lac La Hache, Sept. 26th where they heard from provincial experts about Cariboo area invasive fish, research underway on yellow flag iris at Lac La Hache, received take-home resources, tips for decontaminating boats (Clean, Drain Dry!) and great locally catered food! Thank you to everyone who helped make this a great event.

NEWS: Lasting Landscapes new PlantWise partner

Langley Times, Oct. 22, 2015: Lasting Landscapes in Langley has joined more than a dozen other B.C. gardening retailers, growers and landscapers in ending the sale of invasive species. Read more.

NEWS: BC garden stores, growers and landscapers commit to being PlantWise and stop selling invasive plants

ISCBC NEWS RELEASE, Oct. 14, 2015, Williams Lake—A growing number of B.C. gardening retailers, growers and landscapers have committed to stop selling invasive species by signing on as PlantWise industry partners this year. Read more.

NEWS: Dumping garden waste not as eco-friendly as you might think

Piquenewsmagazine, Oct. 8, 2015 by Breanne Johnson: It's that time of year again, and many of you with a green thumb will be looking for somewhere to dispose of your garden green waste. Read more.

NEWS: Bullfrogs, drones, and painted turtles

Nelson Star, Oct. 3, 2015: The Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society’s (CKISS) AGM on September 16 kicked off with a drone demo, which are quickly emerging as a valuable tool used in ecological research. Read more.

NEWS: Giant hogweed could cost £20,000 for ‘anti-social behaviour’ in Britain

Plymouth Herald, Oct. 23, 2015: A property consultant believes landowners who fail to get rid of giant hogweed plants could be fined up to £20,000 for 'anti-social behvaiour'. The plant has been labelled the 'most dangerous in Britain'. Read more.

NEWS: Invasive Japanese knotweed takes root in Burnaby

CBC News, Oct. 15, 2015: Burnaby, B.C. officials are struggling to get rid of Japanese knotweed, a stubborn foreign weed that can push its way through tarmac roads and concrete building foundations. Read More.

STUDY: This 250 million year old bug might eat up the Japanese Knotweed problem in Ireland

Irish Examiner, Oct. 10, 2015, by Peter Dowdall: Peter Dowdall holds out great hope for a 250 million year old bug in the fight against Japanese knotweed. Aphalara itadori as a name might mean nothing to you, but this little psyllid could yet be the saviour of the Irish countryside. Read more.

VIDEO: How to Stop the Spread of Invasive Species

All outdoor users can help prevent the spread of invasive species by following the simple process of CLEAN DRAIN DRY before transporting equipment or clothing to new waters. Please watch this video by the Clean Drain Dry Initiative to learn more.


INVASIVES 2016: ISCBC's Forum & AGM, Feb. 2-3, 2016, Pacific Gateway Hotel, Richmond, BC

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