2010 IPCBC Forum, Unique Habitats, Unique Challenges: Al Planiden’s Invasive Plant Song

A humourous rendition of invasive plants impacting British Columbia.

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2011 IPCBC Forum Janet Clark, Invasive Species - Why Do We Care?

Janet Clark from the U.S. Invasive Species Advisory Committee ponders the question, Invasive Species, Why do we care?

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2011 IPCBC Forum John Zaplatynsky A Retail Response to Invasive Species

John Zaplatynsky owner of Canada GardenWorks Ltd. provides a retail perspective to invasive plants in the Horticulture industry and Garden Retail sales.

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2011 IPCBC Forum Katie V. Spellman Wildfire and Invasive Plant Spread

The fire intensity and invasibility are proven to be dependent on the ecological system they occur.

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2011 IPCBC Forum Katie V. Spellman, Empowering K-12 Students and Teachers

Katie V. Spellman with University of Alaska Fairbanks share her experience in education and awareness in Alaskan Grade Schools.

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2011 IPCBC Forum Matthias Herborg Invasive Species in Lakes, Rivers and Streams

Matthias Herborg with the British Columbia Ministry of Environment gives the current state of the province's watersheds in regards to introduced species.

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2011 IPCBC Forum Tracy Hueppelsheuser Invasive Insects

Tracy Hueppelsheuser with the Ministry of Agriculture discusses the economic impacts of Invasive Insects on agriculture with a few case studies.

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Goats Forage on Invasive Plants

Watch our Eco-Goats much invasive species... clearing 3 acres in 12 days with 50 goats!

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How to Remove Invasive Plants

Learn how to remove invasive plants from your yard without jeopardizing native plants.

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International Year of Biodiversity 2010

A global perspective on biodiversity loss due to invasive species, and the resulting threat of extinction of many birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, freshwater fish, and plants.

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Invasive Plants on Quads/4x4s

Help stop the spread of invasive species of harmful plants and organisms by cleaning your machine before you load them back up and travel back home or to another environment.

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Invasive Plants threaten BC: An Overview by the IPCBC

Invasive plants are invading British Columbia at an alarming rate, negatively impacting the environment, economy, and society.

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