About the Research Hub

The Invasive Species Research Hub has been developed to foster connections, align research efforts and facilitate communication and collaboration within the invasive species community in the Pacific Northwest.  Membership of the Invasive Species Research Hub is free of charge. Registered members can post their profile - as a researcher, practitioner, or both - and search for other members across a variety of fields. Members can also directly connect with other members and start online discussions on invasive species research-related topics. The hub was developed under the direction of the Research Advisory Committee with funding from the British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.

How the Invasive Species Research Hub Works

Membership of the Invasive Species Research Hub is free and open to invasive species researchers and practitioners from across the Pacific Northwest. Registered members have the option of posting their own profile with the designation of researcher, practitioner or both. Members can log in and search the member database to view other members' profiles and connect. Members are also invited by email to join the Invasive Species Research workspace on Slack where they can start discussions, chat and more. 

Membership Benefits

  • Profile posting
  • Member database searching
  • Directly connect with other members.
  • Discussion, chat and more through the online platform Slack.

Members can subscribe to the Research e-newsletter and periodically receive news on new invasive species-related research, events and funding opportunities.  

Member Profiles

When creating their profile, members can indicate that they are an invasive species researcher, practitioner or both. These designations are also used as filters in the search function. Profiles may contain some or all of the following fields, depending on how the member chooses to complete their profile. All completed profile fields are then all included in the search function:

  • Designation: Researcher, Practitioner or both*
  • Name*
  • Role*
  • Affilliation/Institution*
  • Geographical work area(s)*
  • City
  • Ecosystem(s)
  • Taxonomy
  • Email*
  • Phone number
  • Website(s)
  • Slack handle
  • Slack discussion topics
  • Hub participation goals
  • Expertise*
  • Description of research areas
  • Species of expertise
  • Publications

*Required fields are indicated with an asterisk.  

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