Not all non-native plants are bad. But some really attractive plants can escape into natural areas and become harmful invaders. By following these few steps you can help manage your garden and help preserve neighbouring wildlands.

1. Be informed
Learn about the invasive species that are a problem in your area. If you see them for sale at your local nursery, let them know about your concerns. Learn about and use native plants that grow well in your area. Some local nurseries specialize in native plants.

2. Use plants known to be good neighbours
Avoid non-native plants that self-seed because they may move outside your garden.

3. Know your plant source
Inquire about the source of the plants you buy. Plants grown in your region are likely to fare better. Make sure they are labeled properly. Young woody plants may be difficult to identify until they begin to flower. And make sure the potted plants you buy are free of any weeds.

4. Use certified or "weed-free" material
Inquire about the source of any material you bring into your yard, including soil, mulch, gravel, or decorative rock. Where available, buy certified weed-free material.

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