Video Gallery

This Video Gallery on invasive species provides informative, interesting and newsworthy footage that can help you keep up to date about invasives impacting BC and beyond, management strategies, as well as unique presentations from past forum speakers and other special events. 

Indigenous Communities Sharing Stories About Invasive Species

The Invasive Species Council of BC produced this video to showcase the work Indigenous communities are engaging in around invasive species. This was produced in conjunction with the INVASIVES 2018 Forum and several of the case studies highlighted in the Indigenous Community Toolkit for Managing Invasive Species.


Indigenous Youth Protecting their Territories from Invasive Species

Indigenous youth and communities working together with the ISCBC to protect their territories from invasive species. There is so much we can do when we work together! 


Indigenous Youth Taking Action

Indigenous youth taking action to manage invasive species in our communities and territories.


We Have a Responsibility

We have a responsibility to protect the environment and native species from the impacts of invasive species. 


Future Leaders working together to take action against invasive species!


Invasive Species Training: Knotweed and Transportation Corridors

Best Management Practices for Invasive Plants During Gravel Pit Operations

Clean Drain Dry - Why and How to Protect BC's Waters

Paddlers - Practice Clean Drain Dry

Dont Move Firewood - Buy It Where You Burn It

Clean Drain Dry - Protect BC's Waterways and Marinas

Be Plantwise - Grom and Invasive-free Garden

Pet and Aquarium Owners - Don't Let It Loose

PlayCleanGo - Give Invasive Species the Brush Off

Anglers - Practice Clean Drain Dry

PlayCleanGo - WorkCleanGo

Don't Let It Loose

Don't Move FIrewood - Buy It Where You Burn It

Invasive Mussels: A Call to Action by Invasive Species Council of BC
Take action to help protect British Columbia from invasive mussels. You can help—clean, drain, and dry your boat and equipment before entering another waterbody to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Don't Let it Loose! by Sanjana Potnis, Northwest Academy, Portland Oregon 
This short video is a fun reminder to be responsible with pets and aquariums - notably goldfish and 'Don't Let it Loose!' 

Invaders! Invasive Species in BC, by Province of BC
Invasive species are the alien plants, animals and other organisms that arrive and cause harm in British Columbia. When invasive species enter and stay they impact our environment, the economy, and the people in BC. The good news is that everyone can help reduce invasive species and everyone can spot and report invasive species in British Columbia. Let’s stop the invasion!

Knotweed - Knot on My Property, by Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver
An introduction to Japanese Knotweed, the problems it causes and what to do about it, Part 1 of 3. For more information visit:

How to Stop the Spread of Invasive Species, by Wired2Fish
Invasive species are non-native organisms, be it plant or animal, that out-compete native species. Outdoor users can help prevent the spread of invasive species by following the simple process of CLEAN DRAIN DRY before transporting equipment or clothing to new waters. 

London Drugs & Stewards of the Future, by London Drugs
What happens when you take 150 students away from their phones, pads and screens, to talk about the future? Magic. This was the vision of The Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, when she created Stewards of the Future, an innovative conference bringing young people from all over BC together to talk about issues, the environment, the economy and the road ahead. 

Common invasive plants in BC
Here is a small sampling of the many different invasive plant species present in British Columbia. 


INVASIVES 2016: ISCBC Forum & AGM - Speaker Presentations 
This playlist features some key speakers and presentations from INVASIVES 2016: ISCBC's Forum and AGM, including keynote, Linda Tarrant, who spoke about "Changing Perspectives."

INVASIVES 2015: ISCBC Forum & AGM - Speaker Presentations
This playlist features some key speakers and presentations from INVASIVES 2015: ISCBC's Forum and AGM, including keynote, Bob McDonald from CBC's Quirks & Quarks, who spoke about "Green Planet-Hostile Universe;" "The most Successful Invasives Ever," and "Invasives - Always Bad?"

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